The Founders of the Consortium: Enter Price(manager), I2K - Insoft 2000 srl, Sincon srl, Protem srl and Sefilo srl, have always invested in Development and Research, attracting investors with wich they formed other strategic alliances and loyal partnerships in order to achieve common objectives.

Corroborating the individual experiences of its founders, Consis has had a fundamental role in the management of information systems within its own region since its very beginnings, offering more and more advanced solutions to its clients, even outside its regional confines.

Thanks to 40 years of experience in the information technology sector of individual enterprises, Consis represents a leader consortium that is recognized at a national level in the products and solutions offer and sustainable architecture of customized services for the private and public administration, with innovative technologies that are always oriented towards the future.

These experience is built on our history in the sector of IT services, our centers of excellence and the competencies and know how that allow us to project into the future through a range of industries and applications. 

The development of Systems and Solutions for the client has always been a potter's wheel on which projects were shaped and this enabled the consortium to model offers that were customized on the needs and strengths of the final user.