The ALPI System

The ALPI System (Management of freelancer offering services within the hospital structure)allows to efficiently plan the front-office service (bookings and payments) and the back-office ones ( accounting and reporting) provided by freelancers' services to the Healthcare Businesses, in relation to the existing regulations (national and local) and the optimization of costs and revenues.

The following major activities are especially conducted:

  • Set up of normative and conventional schemes in relation to freelancing services;

  • Activation of green numbers and telephone network dedicated to user contact;

  • Staff selection and training for the management of "call centre" services and front office for citizen support;

  • Planning and creation of informative campaigns, that are inherent to the offering of private services within the public hospital structure;

  • The planning, creation and activation of the IT network for the information interchange among the ALPI service structure, the Healthcare business and supplying the service to the citizen.

  • Transfer of the ALPI data base in use in the company to the new IT system;

  • Activation of the needed control and accounting systemso.


All the methodological steps described above are conducted by the CONSIS consultants through an ongoing and close collaboration with the staff of the co-participating Healthcare Business..

THE "NO COST" OBJECTIVE is one of the basic principles on which the PW_ALPI philosophy is built, which is that of coming at "no cost" for the Healthcare Business that adopts it (in the case of an outsourcing appeal).

Amongst the evaluation parameters analysed are:

  • Destination of the human resources of the Healthcare Business;

  • Independence of the cost volume from the activity volume;

  • The significant improvement of the service providing activities mediated by the centralization of booking systems;

  • The improvement of internal control systems by means of an evolved management reporting system;

  • Optimization of the business resources use (human, technological or logistic) ;

  • The enhancement of freelance services within the hospital structure thanks to an easier access by the citizen to freelance services .


At the end of our first year of activity, all of these actions have resulted in the containment of the direct costs to the Healthcare business, that were significantly bigger than the ones incurred by the outsourcing itself.