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The Consortium

Consis is amongst the national leaders within Public Administration , particularly the Health Sector.

Since 2007, thanks to the dominant presence in the field and to 200 professional working for the five national of the consortium, Consis provides services and solutions in the following main areas of interest: information systems, specialized training, managerial consultancy and strategic projects.

Consis's offer consists of a mixture of three elements: motivations, modalities and opportunities; their close interconnection is at the core of the Group's offer as well as the concept of customized solution, which – together with its focused and aware approach – adds value to its offer.


The research

By investing in research projects in collaboration with universities and public or private enterprises, the Consortium has established itself as a point of reference for innovative activities in the local and national area, always expanding its own research and development laboratory.

With an eye towards the future, Consis believes in investing in emerging countries and in the ongoing research of development and innovation, fully aware of the importance of being an active player in the growing international market.

The emerging markets constitute a fertile ground for the development of new ideas, as well as unique solutions and innovations, offering varying opportunities of economic growth.


Code of ethics

Since 2012, Consis has contracted and implemented a "model of organization and management", known as " Model ex D.Lgs. n 231/2001", that consists of the implementation of an organizational model adopted by a legal entity, with the aim of preventing offences and the subsequent penal responsibility resulting from the Law Order 231, 8 June 2001.

The Model represents the official document that involves the management and all of Consis's employers/ contractors, as well as its suppliers.

Should you require further information with regards to the above, please contact  the competent authority.

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